Visa Cancellations


On occasions, though, circumstances occur in which applicants still need to comply with their visa conditions, and the Department of Home Affairs has notified them of this. This is called a Notification of Intention to Consider Cancelling a Visa. If you receive an email with a NOICC, we can help you.
The consequences of a canceled visa are severe. Visa holders lose their visa rights and must undergo an expensive appeals process in the AAT and try to obtain work and study rights. Please do not hesitate to contact us for help if you receive a NOICC so we can help you best.

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Review in the AAT.

Just so you know, though, there is a time limit for the lodgement of your case for review in the AAT. This time limit will be clearly outlined on your decision record.
We can assist you from the lodgement stage of your case in the AAT to helping with submissions and guidance during the hearing. We aim to work with the client to change the decision in your favour so that you can get your visa approved or revoke the cancellation.