Student visa (subclass 500)

If you wish to study in Australia for a period of more than three months a student visa is an excellent option. On a student visa you can stay in Australia for the full length of the course. It is critical that you apply for a full time course within an Australian recognised Institution for foreign students.
Some of the essential criteria to meet are the following:
• Demonstrate you have genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily
• Demonstrate the relevance of the course in your career path. You may also need to meet financial and English criteria to obtain this visa as well as demonstrating you are a genuine temporary entrant.

Student Guardian visa (subclass 590)

A Student Guardian visa (subclass 590) can be lodged onshore or offshore, depending on your current circumstances. If you are currently onshore and you either have a no further stay condition imposed on your current visa, or you are section 48 barred, you will need to apply from offshore.

To apply for this visa you need to provide sufficient evidence that your relationship is genuine and continuing. You will also need to show that you have genuine intentions of staying with your partner temporarily in Australia.

You will also need to meet financial, health and character criteria.

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